"Umibe no ohanashi
Text by MATSUI Susan
poplar sha 2001

This is a story which of a girl and an old fisher man. The girl often visited the old man working on the sea shore. The old man told a lot of stories about sea creatures to the girl. That was interesting, strange, and human stories, and the creatures started talking... .

This book has been published in Korea, too.

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"Donguri Atsumare"
Text by SATO Satoru
Akane Shobo 2001

Yuko is a active girl who loves playing football. She wanted to do something original, since her friend shown a picture book that she drew by herself. Yuko started thinking.
Mr.Sato is a popular writer of fantasy stories. He uses real life situations to emphasis the strange events in the story. I like his style very much.

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"Sato Satoru Short Stories"
Goblin Shobo Co. Ltd.

We have a style of a book that called "Story books for very young children" in Japan, which has a lot of illustrations among story pages that uses a big font. They say it is good for children who just started reading by themselvs. I think the style is more like a manga book, and the illustrations play an important roll as well as the words. This book tried to make a new style of it. 5 young illustrators worked on it. It was sucsessful with Mr.Sato's brilliant stories.

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